Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Patrik Stefan: Pickups from Hobby Insider (HI)

I've only recently become a member of the Hobby Insider (HI) boards, but now I can say I've made my first successful transaction there. When I created my signature, as I did on SCF, I listed the players I collect including both Patrik Stefan and Jimmy Howard. 

Well, a little while back I got a message from another member with a list of Stefan cards he thought I might be interested in. I took a quick look and needed most of them, so I agreed to the deal and the cards were on their way after sending a little PayPal his way.

The best of the bunch was this Gold signatures card from 2000-01 BAP Signature Series.

My next favorite was a 1999-00 Stadium Club Chrome refractor. I love the old Topps refractor cards, which makes me wish they will someday get a license to produce hockey cards again, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Next we have an insert from Stefan's rookie year. This Premier Rookies comes from the 1999-00 Topps Premier Plus set. I like the burst pattern in the background, but the "Premier Rookies" text is a bit obnoxious, don't you think?

Then there was this really cool looking insert from 1999-00 Crown Royale. Specifically, it's from the International Glory insert set, which you wouldn't even know unless you look at the back of the card down with the number.

Here's another one of his RC's, this time from 1999-00 Ovation.

Here is the base RC version of the refractor from above.

Now we have the base RC from 1999-00 Topps Premier Plus.

Another lost set I really like is Topps Gold Label. These were really cool when I was a kid in the late 90's and I'm happy to add this RC to my Stefan collection. The fun part with this set is going to be all the different levels of parallels, and all the 1/1's that go along with it.

 The next one if from 1999-00 Ultimate Victory.

Here's one from my 1999-00 MVP Stanley Cup Edition set. I had a couple of these in the PC already before this deal, but you can never have too many cards of a PC guy, am I right?

Lastly, we've got a base card from 1999-00 Upper Deck. Apparently back then there were Young Guns cards as well as base cards for rookies, or at least that was the case with Stefan. This is definitely one of my favorite UD base designs.

That's it for this deal. Eleven Stefan cards for the PC, all for just $4 including shipping. These bring the collection to a total of 59 different cards. There are still plenty more out there, but most of them are pretty cheap and there is not much demand for his cards.


  1. You tease me with Thrashers cards. As a hockey fan in Atlanta I have now been screwed by the Flames, the Knights and the Thrashers. I used to love listening to Boom Boom Geoffrion and Jiggs McDonald do Flames games in the 70's and went to the first Knights and Thrashers games. Do not suggest I go to a Gwinnett Gladiators game. Ever.

    1. I'm a Wings fan first, but I always found myself liking the Thrashers from the get go (i.e. my Patrik Stefan collection and the three Thrashers jerseys I have in my jersey collection). It really sucked when they left for Winnipeg. I can't imagine what it would be like to have your team just up and leave (let alone having it happen twice).

  2. Great pickups. A solid throwback to the 90's. Such a wide range of non-memorabilia inserts.


    I'm going to have to scour through my "big box o' base" over the holidays.

    1. Thanks! I am definitely looking forward to tracking down a lot of these non-auto/non-memorabilia inserts, something that kind of gets lost nowadays.