Monday, December 17, 2012

Dominik Hasek: Highlight Video

Finding and posting my latest Jimmy Howard highlight video got me thinking I should do it for all of my PC guys. Well, I thought about that for a sec and realized there probably is no such video for Patrik Stefan, so I thought I would focus on The Dominator this time around. 

This particular video focus on Hasek's career from around 1998 through his first season with the Red Wings in 2002. That works out perfect from my perspective, bucause those are the times that solidified him as my favorite player and got me in to collecting his cards.

Aside from the awesome saves in the video, my favorite part is the music. The song featured in the video is the work of my favorite composer, Steve Jablonksy. He is known for movie scores like The Island and the Transformers series among others.

The song in this one is featured in one of the Transformers movies and is a great example of what he can do. I think his kind of music is the perfect match for a highlight video like this. If you haven't heard any Jablonsky's work, I encourage you to check it out.

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