Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts: The Cup Runneth Me Over Too!

Lately my focus has been fading away from my Jimmy Howard collection. Maybe it's because of the increased competition or the sheer number of cards he has out there now, either way I haven't been really excited for any new release featuring him until now.

After reading Bamlinden's post over at My Hockey Card Obsession, I decided to check the checklist for the upcoming 2011-12 edition of The Cup from Upper Deck. What I found was both exciting and worrisome, even if it is only 9 cards, not including plates.   
  1. Base #31 Jim Howard Detroit Red Wings (xxx/249)
  2. Gold Spectrum  #31 Jim Howard Detroit Red Wings (xx/25)
  3. Black #31 Jim Howard Detroit Red Wings (1/1)
  4. Silver Jersey #31 Jim Howard Detroit Red Wings (xx/25)
  5. Gold Patch #31 Jim Howard Detroit Red Wings (xx/10)
  6. Black Tag #31 Jim Howard Detroit Red Wings (1/1)
  7. Cup Trios Jersey #C3-WINGS Howard/Kronwall/Franzen (xx/25)
  8. Cup Trios Patch #C3-WINGS Howard/Kronwall/Franzen (xx/10)
  9. Dual NHL Shields #DS-HC Howard/Crawford (1/1)
At this point I would be happy if I could just track down a base card, because I have yet to get a single one of any player since The Cup first came out in 2005-06. Beyond that, I know it would really hurt my wallet to go after any of the others, but sometimes you have to go for things like this, right?

The Dual Shield would be the one I want most. I'm not normally a fan of cards that feature multiple players, but in that case I could make an exception.


  1. That Dual Shields with Corey Crawford sounds like it's going to be a sweet card. Also being hard to find bein 1/1 also probably very expensive the Black tag will be another rarte 1/1. BTW. where did you find this info? I want to known what will be out there for Patrick Roy & Jonathan Toews for my PC'S.

    1. Here's the link to the post on SCF with the checklist: http://www.sportscardforum.com/threads/1750396-2011-12-The-Cup-Checklist