Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gold Script Update

Updates for this set seem to be coming in bunches lately, which is definitely a good thing. To continue that trend, today's post is about the fourth card included in the trade that brought me the three Silver Scripts from my last post. I said this one would be very similar to one of those three and I'm sure you can see why now. 

Here is the Ron Tugnutt Gold Script numbered 064/100.

This one brings my Gold Script total to 47 out of a possible 220. I can't believe I almost have 50 of these things now. Back when I decided to go after these in addition to the Super Scripts, I would've never thought I would be this far this quickly.

Thanks to eBay, SCF and my fellow bloggers, I think this set is definitely off to a good start. Not sure how long it will take to come up with all 220 of them, but I am definitely looking forward to the journey getting there.

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