Sunday, July 29, 2012

UD Rookie Showcase Update

I never thought I would see the day when I brought a Sidney Crosby card into my collection, but given the fact that he appears on the checklist for one of my set projects, it had to come eventually. Anyway, today is that day as I was able to grab a copy of his UD Rookie Showcase card on eBay recently, and for a great price at that.

When it comes to the Rookie Showcase set, this is the premier card even though Ovechkin was part of the set too. That said, you would think this card would fetch a decent price on the secondary market, right? I guess that depends on what you consider to be decent. I will say that I was more than comfortable with the price I paid for this one.

Here's a look at card number 24 from the 2005-06 UD Rookie Showcase set.

Supposedly there were only a thousand copies of these things produced, but for some reason they seem to be pretty rare on the secondary market. I've seen a few Crosby's from this set on eBay in the past few months, but they were all at ridiculous BIN prices. Like this one for $75 or this one for $100.

Wanna take a guess at what I paid for this one? I'll give you a hint, it was less than the $75 example from above. To see if you were close, click here to check out my S&T post on SCF.


  1. Nice card (if you're a fan of his) for a heck of a price! Nice job!

  2. I think it's a nice card regardless of whether you are a fan or not.

  3. Wow, great price.

    FYI, I got the Paneuf card from this set if you are interested.

    1. Definitely interested, is there anything on my trade list that you are interested in making a deal for?

    2. ...your link to your Trade List is broken.