Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red Wings: Card Show Pickups

One of the things I decided to do lately was be more on the lookout for any Red Wings cards to add to my collection. I've been a Wings fan my entire life and that was the only thing I "collected" back when I was younger. Since I have several specific set and player projects, I thought it would be nice to have a more general project like this. 

This means I always have something to look for when I'm sorting through dime, quarter and dollar boxes at card shows. The fire card I have today came from the dollar box, well kind of. It was marked $1.50, which was a bit of a surprise considering the show was in metro Detroit and it's Nicklas Lidstrom.


I'll take just about any gold script for $1.50, let alone one like this. I think I would consider this a bit of a steal. The rest was just a bunch of base cards that helped fill out some of my other purchases. Here's a look at the rest of my Wings pickups:

The Coffey is a pretty cool looking die cut insert and the Hossa's I grabbed because I was a huge fan of his while he was a Red Wing. I think one of the dumbest decisions the organization made lately was choosing to sign Johan Franzen to a gargantuan contract instead of Hossa. Then there were the three Ozzie's that I grabbed because I like goalies, specifically Red Wing goalies.

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