Thursday, May 31, 2012

SCE Super Script Update

Patience is a virtue, I can't say that enough in regards to this post. I have literally watched these two cards on eBay for nearly two years now. As of today, they are finally in my hands, and for a great price, a steal if you ask me. 

These cards had been listed as BIN's by the same seller, going through countless 30-day cycles. The Selivanov was listed at $14.99 and the Kazarian at $24.99, both of which are pretty high, at least compared to what I've gotten most of the other Super Scripts for. 

The Selivanov ended up only costing me $4.99.

The Kazarian also only set me back just $4.99.

The Kazarian is the first CHL prospects Super Script I've been able to pick up. These suckers are hard to come by, I've actually only seen two or three of them on eBay since I started the project. All of those had ridiculous BIN prices, so I never went after them.

These two bring the Super Script collection total to 26. The great thing about them coming from the same seller was combined shipping, as this particular seller only charged shipping on the first card, then any others were free. That meant I got both for just $12.98 delivered. I'll take that any day.


  1. Great show of patience. Congrats on the steals.

    1. Thanks! I don't think I would be able to do this set without being patient. I've been at it for years now and only have 26 of 220 cards to show for it.