Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pack Break: 1990-91 Pro Set

Time for the second of the twelve packs I got in my value box from Target. This one was definitely an upgrade over the first pack. At least this one was a legitimate set featuring NHL players with their respective NHL teams. Plus, who doesn't love Pro Set?

This is one of the sets I remember collecting as a kid when I was first getting into the hobby. At that point I didn't care who was even on the front of the card, let alone the fact that they were from the so called junk wax era. All I know is that they helped get me hooked on this great hobby. Who knows, maybe I'll go back and try to complete this set one of these days.

Gotta love the old school wrapper. One thing I do like about the older products like this is the number of cards you get per pack, granted there were no inserts or GU stuff back then. Let's see what I got as far as the hottest cards on ice.

The first one I have features Aaron Broten of the Minnesota North Stars. While he only appeared in 35 games with the North Stars, Broten played more than ten years for the Rockies, Devils, Nordiques, Maple Leafs, and Jets.

Next we have another North Star with Ulf Dahlen. He was originally selected 7th overall by the Rangers in 1985. He played four seasons with Minnesota from 1989-93.

Here's one of a guy you might recognize, 2011 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee and son of Mr. Hockey, Mark How. This one has a nice action shot of the former flyer.

Here's a name that may not be so familia, Todd Krygier of the Hartford Whalers. The former NHL'er turned insurance agent put up 100 goals and 143 assists in 543 career games.

The next one features former defenseman Doug Lidster. He was drafted in the 7th round of the 1980 draft and went on to play 16 seasons, capturing 2 Stanley Cups.

Then we have current Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney pictured during his days as a player with the New York Islanders. He was actually their GM from 1992-1995.

Here's one that features a legitimate Winnipeg Jet, not one of the frauds that are there now as the Jets 2.0 (a.k.a. Thrashers). McLlwain played three seasons with the real Jets.

Former Calgary Flame Joe Mullen is another hall of famer to add to the list from this pack. He was inducted back in 2000 alongside Denis Savard.

Then we have former St. Louis Blue Rich Sutter, the twin brother of fellow NHL'er Ron Sutter. He last played with the Leafs in 1994-95 and is now a scout for the Coyotes.

The next one features former Penguin Tony Tanti. He was originally drafted by the Blackhawks and went on to play for the Canucks, Penguins, and Sabres.

Here's another name that should be easily recognized, 500 goal scorer Pat Verbeek. I will always remember him from his days with the Wings where he scored his 500th.

Finally, we have something a bit different from the main set. This is one of the All-Star Game cards, featuring former New Jersey Devil Kirk Muller.

Here's another that's different from the rest. It features the number one pick from 1990, Owen Nolan. Too bad the picture is so far off center, otherwise it would look great.

Lastly, we have my favorite card from the pack. A trophy card that highlights the Presidents' Trophy, given to the team with the best record during the regular season.

So overall not a bad pack. Like I said, my favorite of the bunch is probably the Presidents' Trophy card. The rest are just a reminder of the junk wax era, but did still make for a fun break. By the way, if you want to see what makes these the hottest cards on ice, click here.


  1. Awesome, Verbeek and Krygier made that pack a winner as far as I'm concerned. Like you, this was one of the very first sets I ever collected so I've got fond memories of it (despite its many errors)...

    1. Many errors is right, if you look at the Wikipedia page for Pro Set, it's filled with them.

  2. Wait...that was only 14 cards. I think you got cheated out of the 15th card!