Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jersey Collection: Jaromir Jagr

I was expecting to come home to several bubble mailers today, but that didn't happen so I thought I would jump back into this series of posts and share another jersey from my personal collection. This is another one that I've had for a long time now, and since I've lost a bunch of weight lately, doesn't fit at all. An XL is massive, so I really have no use for it anymore, although it does still look good.

This was also the first and only jersey I ever bought on eBay. Hopefully that will change soon though as there are plenty of great jerseys out there for sale. I remember getting it for something like $30, which even at the time was a steal if you ask me.

Jersey Info
Team: Washington Capitals
Player: Jaromir Jagr
Number: 68
Manufacturer: CCM
Size: XL
Acquired from: eBay

This jersey is obviously from the pre-Reebok era as it features the old eagle logo, which was actually pretty good looking if you ask me. Other than that, I always like the non-symmetric striping on this one, as that kind of differentiated it from some of the other jerseys in the league. The color combination is pretty nice too, although I don't think it ever made sense for the Caps to get away from the red, white and blue, right?

The back is where you can now see the shoulder patch, which was actually worn as a primary logo on a black third jersey for a few years, again prior to the Reebok era. Other than that it's pretty straightforward with a non-arched nameplate, typical numbers and the manufacturer mark. This one also has the NHL puck logo in the lower right.

Now it's time to find a card for this one. It took me a bit of searching to find one that matches the jersey, as most of his cards from that time show the "A" on the front of his jersey, or they have the "9-11" patch on the opposite shoulder. That said, I did end up finding a good one, from 2003-04 Victory, check it out:

Now that's five down. Pretty diverse collection so far, isn't it? Well, just wait and see what I still have as it will get even more diverse with each new one I show off. Haven't decided which one I will show next, so stay tuned to find out.


  1. What an awesome jersey! Those Caps jersey were so cool. I'm still trying to find a Bruins "Pooh Bear" yellow alternate jersey. Those are my all time favorite.

    1. Thanks! I also want one of those Bruins jerseys (one of my all time favorites), but they're always insanely expensive on eBay.