Sunday, April 29, 2012

Red Wings: LCS Pickups + A Few Extras

Lately I've been finding myself wanting to put a little more effort into my general Red Wings collection, so when I had a chance to stop by one of my local card shops yesterday, I made sure I did what I could to get some nice stuff for the PC. That meant flipping through the dime, quarter, and dollar boxes, all of which provided me with something to show.

Let's start with the dime box, which was pretty much filled with Red Wings, although most of them were from the early 90's. I ended up grabbing five new cards for a nice fifty cents. The first was this Mikael Samuelsson from 06-07 Upper Deck. The picture is what stuck out to me on this one. That's not a photo you see every day on a card.

The second was this Keith Primeau from 1995-96 Upper Deck. I thought it was an interesting picture, probably taken immediately after the Wings clinched the Western Conference during the 95 playoffs. If I remember correctly, they beat the Hawks in that series.

Then there was this Ty Conklin from 09-10 OPC. Nothing special here, but for $0.10 it was a nice looking card of another Red Wings goaltender, so it was kind of hard to pass up.

Here's another Conklin, this time from 09-10 Ultra. Definitely a better looking card than the OPC if you ask me. Ultra has some really nice designs, but the set never gets much love it seems. One thing I always liked about Conks was his mask featuring the octopus on the front.

Lastly is a checklist, featuring Nicklas Lidstrom from 07-08 Upper Deck. I had never seen the checklists from this set, so when I came across it I had to have it. I love the way it's split into four consecutive pics of Lidstrom scoring a goal from the blue line.

Now onto the quarter box where I found a few more nice cards for the Wings PC. The first was this Pavel Datsyuk special edition hobby preview card from Upper Deck. I never knew he was part of this set, so it was a welcome addition to the collection.

Here you've got a Hank Zetterberg from the same set, another one I didn't even know existed. These cards are actually pretty nice looking in person. I believe they were handed out at hobby shops with UD product. I remember getting a Crosby from my LCS at the time.

Next is another Zetterberg, this time from Upper Deck's biography of a season set. This one is from 2008-09 and chronicles how the Wings handed the Hawks a loss at Wrigley Field during the Winter Classic. Man, I can't wait for Wings/Leafs at The Big House next winter.

Here's another biography of a season card, focusing on Nicklas Lidstrom reaching the 1000 career point mark during the 2009-10 season.  

One more bigraphy of a season, this time featuring Johan Franzen and his explosive five goal performance against the Ottawa Senators. If only he could've played like that this postseason, the Wings may not be headed for the golf course already.

The last from the quarter box is of current Red Wing Todd Bertuzzi, shown with the New York Islanders. It's an X-Axis Fractal Matrix Die Cut from 97-98 Leaf. I've always loved this set and for only $0.25 I figured what the heck.

Lastly, we have the dollar box. I didn't expect to find much in there hockey wise, at least that's what the guy told me, then this popped out. It's a Mike Richter The Mask II card from Between The Pipes. For only $1 I had to have it. Kind of makes me want to start going after all the mask cards again. I've got close to 20 of them now.

All in all it was a good haul as I grabbed some supplies too, all for under $10. Kind of makes me want to hit up another card show here soon just to pick through all the dime, quarter, and dollar boxes there. You never know what you'll find, right?


  1. Nice cards. Makes me wish we had some better LCS's and card shows here in CT...but we don't!

  2. Nice score on the Richter card! The Mask series is one of my all-time favorite inset sets.