Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jersey Collection: Pavel Bure

Here's another one of my non-Red Wings jerseys. This time it's an old Florida Panthers third jersey with Pavel Bure's name and number on the back. This one was purchased while on my 7th grade field trip to Washington, DC at some fan shop in Baltimore. I say N/A below because I can't for the life of me even begin to think of the name of the place. I mean this was like ten or eleven years ago now.

One thing I do remember was a selection of jerseys in the shop, but this was the one I settled on. The other two that come to mind were a Steve Yzerman Red Wings jersey and an Eric Lindros Flyers jersey. I already had several Wings jerseys, I never liked Lindros, and I always liked the Panthers logo and other two jerseys, so this was the choice I made.

Jersey Info
Team: Florida Panthers
Player: Pavel Bure
Number: 10
Manufacturer: CCM
Size: M
Acquired from: N/A

The best thing about the front of this particular jersey is the Panthers logo. Back before the Reebok Edge era, when jerseys were actually cool, the Panthers did something neat and added the broken stick to the logo on their third jersey at the time, this blue one. I love the color combination here too, although I think they could've gone without the single white strip on the arms and waist line.

While you couldn't see it on the front, you can see it here, and that would be what I think is one of the greatest shoulder patches ever. I know palm trees and sunshine are the first things that come to mind when you think of hockey, but I have to say here it just works, and looks awesome. Other than that, the back is pretty typical with the name and number plus the manufacturer and league logos on the bottom.

Now for a card with the same jersey. It was actually a bit difficult to track one down, because it looks like he wore the "A" most of the time in this jersey. At least that's what it seemed like when I was flipping through my Panthers binder looking for one. In fact, this isn't even one that I have, it was just the first one I came across on the web.

So that's three of these down. I only have 20 or so left to get to, but I'll try and spread these out as best as I can. What do you think, do you want to see more of these? I think of it as a nice break from writing about just cards, plus I even found a way to work them into these posts, so it's not completely off topic.


  1. Keep it coming Paul, love looking at hockey memorabilia. The Russian Rocket is definitely one of my fav Canucks of all-time, he was one hell of an exciting player!

  2. Amazing shirt. I love 90's hockey stuff!