Friday, February 24, 2012

Cardboard Creations: Jericho

I haven't come up with any custom card designs for a little while now, mostly because I never have time to work on them, but partly because I didn't have any new and exciting ideas to work with. Well, that changed when I stumbled across my new favorite TV show, Jericho, a few months back while browsing Netflix during my Christmas vacation. 

Here's a quick summary of what the show is all about from IMDB: "After a series of terrorist attacks leave the US in a state of disaster. A small Kansas town must come together to deal with a new reality." I highly recommend that you check it out.

Now for the custom cards I came up with. I should mention that there is a trading card set already out there from the first season of the show and I kind of used that for inspiration in getting started with my initial concept design. Beyond that I just threw together some ideas and it eventually turned into what I have here.

Here's a close-up look at the first card featuring Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green:

Since Jericho is a post-apocalyptic kind of show, I wanted to start with a grungy looking background and that's what I used as the base layer. While I was searching for that, I came across the caution tape looking wallpaper and decided to try and work that in somehow. As you can see, I used it behind the character/actor names as well as the thumbnail image bar across the bottom of each card. 

The idea with that was to contrast the studio-quality head shots with some live action shots taken directly from some of the episodes. It came out looking better than I thought it would. Other than that, I made an editable copy of the Jericho word-mark and placed it in the upper left corner to complete the design.

I ended up creating nine of these to have one complete page. Here they are together:

What do you guys think? I know it's not the usual here, but I wanted to try something different and work in another one of my interests, other than hockey of course. By the way, have any of you watched, or even heard of Jericho? If not, check it out.


  1. Season one was REALLY good. The it got cancelled.
    Fans convinced the studio to bring it back for a 2nd, shorter, season.
    It wasn't as good.

    1. Agreed. I LOVE season one and I was really hoping season two would be just as good, but with the shortened season it could never have come close to equaling season one.

      Kind of funny though how fans went about getting it brought back for the second season. How awesome is sending 20 tons of nuts to the CBS studios in protest?
      Of course you'd have to have seen season one to get it though.

  2. "Firefly" taught me not to get too attached to a great sci-fi show, because they always get cancelled :(