Friday, January 20, 2012

Box Break: 1999-00 MVP Stanley Cup Edition

The first thing I'm going to say here is I'm glad my latest eBay gamble didn't backfire on me. If you saw my last "Thoughts" post then you know I bought this box on eBay for just $9.99 plus a few bucks for shipping. That's about 25% of what I paid for the last one, the seller only had 80 some total feeback, and the listing showed the box was slightly damaged.

Well, when I got home yesterday there was a large shipping box waiting for me. I knew it was this box and was kind of nervous to see what was actually in there. I opened it up to find the box far more damaged than shown in the listing, which definitely worried me. I mean one end of the box was completely ripped open. I was worried packs were going to be missing or have been tampered with.

Luckily, that was not the case as I counted them up and all 28 of them were there and seemed pretty safe. That was a huge relief because the last thing I wanted was to have to start a mess with the seller and open a complaint and all that jazz.

This is technically the third box I've busted, but the second since I started Card Boarded. The first was way back when this stuff came out and I was like 12 years old. Man that seems like such a long time ago now. Anyway, since it was such a steal at $9.99, I figured it was worth it to make a dent in my master set needs. Plus who doesn't love busting a fresh box full of packs? I know I do. Here's what I got:

249 Base Cards
15 Silver Scripts (1:2)
5 Stanley Cup Talent (1:5)
4 Cup Contenders (1:9)
2 Golden Memories (1:14)
2 Clutch Performers (1:28)
1 Second Season Snipers (1:28)
1 Playoff Heroes (1:84)
1 Gold Script

That last one is the best of the bunch, and the first Gold Script I've actually pulled myself, from any of the three boxes or other loose packs now. Other than that I feel like this was a pretty good box, especially looking at some of the odds on the inserts.

Here's a look at some of the stuff I needed for my master set project:

Out of this first group, the Yzerman Golden Memories is probably my favorite, along with the Kariya Playoff Heroes. These bring me to 2/10 for Playoff Heroes, 8/10 for Golden Memories, 6/10 for Clutch Performers, 4/10 for Second Season Snipers, and 18/20 for Cup Contenders. Not a bad group of inserts if you ask me.

This time around I ended up only getting 15 Silver Scripts, 10 of which I needed for the master set. That's perfectly fine with me though, as the one Gold Script more than made up for that fact. When it was all said and done, I was pretty impressed with this box. I didn't really expect to get this many cards that I actually needed for my master set.

I am definitely glad I went for it on this one despite the sketchy eBay listing. This just goes to show you that sometimes you have to take a bit of a risk for any kind of reward. In this case the risk being damaged cards and the reward being a heck of a steal for a box that rarely appears for sale. By the way, stay tuned for the Gold Script...

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  1. Glad to see you get rewarded with your risk. Great box too. It's nice when you can add a bunch of cards to the pc.

    Looking forward to seeing that gold.