Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goaltending Gallimaufry: A Pair from BTP

Gallimaufry [gal-uh-maw-free] A hodgepodge; jumble; confused medley.

If there's one set I would expect to find stuff for this project in, it would be any of the Between the Pipes sets from ITG, because well, they're all goalies and feature a lot of minor league goalies that seem to change teams quite a bit between all the different levels and leagues, so you never know what you'll find. 

Before anything else, I have to thank Rob over at Rob's TTM Graphs for poiting this one out to me in the first place. I looked at a pic of it, then realized I busted a box of the same stuff and sure enough, it was in my "recent box/pack breaks" row of my primary monster box. That led to one more too, but that was all. Kind of surprised I didn't come across any others, but hey two is better than none, right? 

This one's got a lot going on. The first thing I notice is the set of yellow pads Neuvirth's sporting. They don't go at all with the Spitfires look. I'm not really sure where they come from, because before playing with Windsor, Neuvirth was with the Plymouth Whalers, as evident by the Whalers mask he's wearing. So that's three teams in there: Windsor, Plymouth and some mystery yellow/white/black team.

Here's the other one I thought I would share. This time it's Ondrej Pavelec of the Chicago Wolves. It's a bit less obvious here, as I almost missed it myself, but if you look at the side of Pavelec's mask you see the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles logo. It also looks like he's wearing pads that go with the mask, but they could be for Chicago, hard to tell.

So there you have it, two more new additions to the project that were found by someone other than me. That's what I love about this hobby, people are always looking out for and willing to help others, well for the most part at least. Thanks again for the heads up Rob!

Goaltending Gallimaufry Count: 57

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  1. Hey, I found 2 cards for this, a Bob Essensa and an Allan Bester both from the Edge 95-96 Ihl/Ahl set. Bester, with the Orlando Solar Bears, is till sporting a Red Wings mask. Essensa, with the Fort Wayne Komets, is also still sporting a Red Wings mask - figured you'd enjoy those. I have one of each I can send to you.