Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Does $21 Get You: Card Show Edition

In the spirit of the "What does $25 Getcha" series over at Collecting for Kicks, I thought I would do the same kind of breakdown for my latest card show trip. The show I made the trip out to was the same as the last few I've shared here, which is pretty much the only show I ever go to, at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor, MI. 

It was your typical three day weekend show with plenty of dealers and all kinds of cards and other memorabilia (i.e. photos, jerseys, action figures, etc) on display. The shows gotten noticeably bigger the past few times I've been there, so that's kind of nice to see. There was a decent crowd today, and I think I'm glad I chose today because Nicklas Lidstrom is the featured signer tomorrow and that could get pretty hectic. 

Anyway, here's what $21 got me at the show:

Admission / Parking = $2
Five New Jimmy Howard Cards = $15
27 Dime & Quarter Box Pickups = $4

Here's a quick look at the stack of cards I came home with: 

On a side note, I did manage to make a trade with one of the dealers for another nice addition to my Howard collection. That'll also be part of the show and tell from this trip to the show, but not included as part of the $21 I spent there. 

Stay tuned for what's in the stack...


  1. Good thing you threw that last line in there......or that could've been the worst show and tell ever.

  2. Was Big Jon at the show? He's one of my favorite hockey card dealers. He was at the Chicago show last weekend, and mentioned that he'd be at the Gilbraltar show.

  3. Yes he was Sal, that's actually where my second dime-box pickup came from.

  4. Hah, I avoided those dime boxes. By the time I was through looking through his quarter boxes, I was tired of sifting through haystacks.

    FYI, I emailed you about a Jimmy Howard card.

  5. Yeah, I didn't even get to his quarter boxes (wish I did) as I grabbed 10/$1 and left for another table then forgot to go back.