Monday, November 14, 2011

Gold Script Update

Like I said in my last "Goaltending Gallimaufry" post, good things come in three's. This time however, as you can probably tell by the title, it's all about my MVP Gold Script collection. These next three make up another trio I purchased on eBay in the last week or so. 

The first was this Cliff Ronning numbered 062/100:

The second was this Vladimir Orszagh numbered 032/100:

The third was this Travis Green numbered 030/100:

So, not really any huge names there, but that's part of the fun that comes with building a set like this. The best part is these are the ones that come at a great price, I'm not really looking forward to tracking down some of the bigger names (i.e. Yzerman, Roy, Messier, etc.) as they're going to get pricey. 

Anyway, these three bring the Gold Script total to 34 out of 220, that's just about 15.5% of the entire set. I'll just have to hope I can keep picking them up in small lots like this, as it helps save on shipping quite a bit. These three set me back about $3 and the shipping was only $2. Not bad if you ask me. 

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