Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gameday: Wild vs. Red Wings

Well, this post is a little less satisfying to write because of the eventual outcome of the game, but I had a pretty good time down at the old Joe Louis Arena the other night when the Wings hosted the Minnesota Wild. I ended up getting the four seats my company has so a friend from the office and I each brought our significant other along. The seats were in the 10th row of section 207, right about on the red line.

First, here's a look at the ticket. The Wings usually have some kind of design to these things and they often feature one or more of the players, in this case Drew Miller. $65 face value is a bit much for regular season hockey if you ask me, but I guess people are willing to pay it. 

Here's how the first period action looked from my seat:

I don't remember which period it was, obviously the first or the third, but this picture shows the aftermath of Harding getting drilled by a Red Wing behind the net, from which he hit the ice like a sack of potatoes. It was kind of funny because after he laid there for a couple of minutes everyone started to boo him.

With this being a Wings game and all, I got to see my man Jimmy Howard play again. This picture is just another one I got during a break in the action. He played a great game and kept it from being a 3-1 Minnesota lead or something like that for most of the game.

This last one was taken during the third period with the Wild attacking to my right. I don't know when this was taken during the period or what happened on the play, but it's a nice shot of the action.

Just for kicks, here's the highlight video for the game. Too bad they didn't put Harding getting drilled in there, oh well. They did however, show the Wings getting royally screwed on a goaltender interference call as the Wild scored in overtime. 

All in all, even though the Wings lost and kind of got screwed in the process, it was still a great night out in the city of Detroit. Yes, that is possible. 

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