Monday, October 3, 2011

Silver Script Update

Among all the other great stuff from the trade with Brett, there was another important piece to the Silver Script portion of the MVP Stanley Cup Edition master set project. 

It was this Jaromir Jagr. Kind of weird thinking he'll be wearing the orange and black in Philadelphia this year after seeing this one, isn't it? I will say that Jagr definitely has an awesome signature, assuming of course that this is an accurate representation of it.

This brings the Silver Script collection to 112 out of a possible 220. That's pretty good progress, but I'd like to be further along given the fact that these were only inserted 1:2, but I'll take being over the 50% mark any day with this kind of project. 

Well, this finishes off the non-Jimmy Howard portion of the trade. I'll have those cards scanned and ready to go in the next few days. 

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