Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jersey Collection: Pavel Datsyuk

Lately I've been thinking about expanding a bit here to include some items in my hockey collection other than cards, in this case jerseys, as you can tell by the title of the post. Over the years I've put together a nice little collection of replica jerseys and I thought it would be neat to share them here. 

Rather than just pictures and a few words about each jersey, I'm going to try and do something a bit different and find a card that depicts each jersey for a nice tie in with my hockey card collection, because Card Boarded is a blog about hockey cards, right? 

This first one is one of my favorites and the one I wear most when heading down to Joe Louis Arena for Wings games. It's a home red Pavel Datsyuk jersey that I received as a birthday present a few years back, although supposedly it came from a garage sale. Even if it did, I can't complain because it's in great shape and looks like the real deal as far as replicas go.

Jersey Info
Team: Detroit Red Wings
Player: Pavel Datsyuk
Number: 13
Manufacturer: Koho
Size: L
Acquired from: Garage Sale

First, here's a look at the front of the jersey. As you can see, it's your typical dark Red Wings jersey with the single white arm stripe on either side and the white bottom edge. Beyond that you have the crest in the middle and the small Koho logo on the left arm. 

On the back, you've got Datsyuk's number 13 with his name arched in Red Wings' fashion above it as well as the Koho text and small logo in the center above the player name. Also, if you look closely, you can see the NHL puck logo in the lower right corner. 

These jerseys were worn prior to the switch to Reebok after the lockout, so I believe the last season they saw action was 2003-04. This was back when CCM produced the road white jerseys for all the teams and Koho produced the home dark jerseys.

Now, for the part where I'm doing something more than just showing off the jersey. Here's a 2003-04 Victory card depicting the authentic version of my replica jersey. 

Well, that's the first one down. I've got about 20 replica jerseys that I will feature in this series. A bunch of them are Wings jerseys, but I do have some pretty neat jerseys from other teams too. What do you guys think, is this a good idea for a topic here?