Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jersey Collection: Chris Osgood

Last time around I showed off one of my many Red Wings jerseys. This time it's one of my many non-Red Wings jerseys. Well, kind of. It's long time Red Wings Chris Osgood, but from when he was playing with the Islanders. This one I also got as a birthday present, sometime around 2002-03 after the Red Wings acquired Dominik Hasek.

As far as why I chose this one, its one of those things where I went to the shop looking to buy a jersey, and once I saw it I needed to have it. For some reason, I love the look of this jersey, even though most everybody seems to hate it. There's just something neat about it being bright orange and its something not many people have, at least around here.

Jersey Info
Team: New York Islanders
Player: Chris Osgood
Number: 35
Manufacturer: Koho
Size: L
Acquired from: Fanatic U

The first thing I notice looking at the front, other than the obnoxious orange, is the blue and white triangles darting in just below the Islanders crest. They're kind of awkward looking, but just work for some reason, or at least I think they do. Another thing I like about this one is how it laces up at the collar. something that very few of my jerseys have.

Looking at the back, you've got the same triangle shapes darting in, this time just below Osgood's number. I should add that the color scheme looks great in person, as the numbers and letters really stand out with the blue body and white border. This one also has the Koho word mark and logo at the top, followed by the NHL puck logo.

Finding a card to match this one proved to be much more tricky than with the Datsyuk. While there are plenty of  cards featuring Osgood with the Islanders, most of them show him in either the regular home and road jerseys. And since I didn't have one in my collection, I had to resort to Google and here's the best that I could come up with: 

I've never seen any cards from this set before, but it's apparently from 2002-03 Upper Deck Mask Collection. Not the best view of the jersey, but you can definitely tell it's the same as I have above, minus the obvious fact that mine's a replica, of course.


  1. My favourite colour is orange, my cleats in soccer for the past three years have been orange while the rest of my kit (for you non soccer fans "kit" means jersey, shorts and socks) have been blue and white...that type of blue and orange works. This type of blue and orange definitely isn't complimentary but somehow like you said it works, I think cuz it's bold it works. This sorta reminds me of the bold orange on the Flying V.

  2. I agree with you, that's a pretty nice looking jersey!