Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SCE Super Script Update

This is yet another part of the trade I worked out with Brett over at MHCO. It was one of the most important cards in the trade as it brings me one closer to completing my Super Script set. Much like the golds, I haven't made any additions to the set since April. 

Therefore this Filip Kuba, numbered 08/25 is a welcome addition to the collection:

This one adds another team to the mix and brings me to 22 total for the set, which is exactly 10% of the 220 card set. A bit of a milestone if you ask me, I mean 10% of a set numbered this low from 10+ years ago is pretty good, right?

This still isn't the end of the stuff I picked up in the trade, I'll have some more project updates in the coming days. This is when it's a good thing to be backlogged on posts. 

1 comment:

  1. 10% is definitely an accomplishment.

    Will keep an eye out for more.