Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Picks # 75: Curtis Joseph

This pick comes from an interesting set from the mid-90's, Sky Box Emotion. This set was kind of unique at the time because it used adjectives like rabid, psyched, fearless, etc to describe what was going on in the picture.Sure, some are kind of corny and don't make the most sense, but some just made perfect sense, like this on featuring Curtis Joseph.

Besides the obvious meaning of the word, rabid can be defined as violent, raging, uncontrollable, extremely zealous or enthusiastic, or fanatical. How perfect is that for the mask he's wearing in the picture? 

Now if there's one place in hockey that pop culture references are popular, it would be in the design of goalie masks. I've seen everything from television shows to movie stars and musicians represented. I think of all of them tough, Curtis Joseph has the best connection between his nickname, the Stephen King book/movie and the design on his masks. 

With such a clever mask design like this that can be adapted to pretty much any team color imaginable, why wouldn't Cujo go with the same design from team to team? Here's a look at a the six other variations of the mask I know of, all the way from Edmonton to his second stop in Toronto. 

For me personally, the Wings mask is the best. It is up there with the best in team history, even though it was only used for the better part of two seasons in Hockeytown. Which one is your favorite of the bunch? 

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