Monday, July 25, 2011

My Picks # 63: Hull / Gretzky / MacInnis

I've always said these picks can be anything from a super high-end card to a worthless piece of cardboard from the junk wax era. This one falls somewhere in between and is just another one of those cards that caught my eye when looking through my collection. 

It's a 3 Star Selection from 1996-97 UD Collector's Choice. 

I think if you're going to pick three players to feature as the three stars, you can't go wrong with these three. It's still kind of weird seeing Gretzky with the Blues, but that's where I'll always remember him best after giving the puck up to Steve Yzerman just before his Game 7 overtime goal back 1996. 

I distinctly remember loving these cards when I was just getting into collecting in the mid-90's. Back then the idea of autographs and jersey cards was non-existent, so all I had to get excited about were inserts/parallels/subset cards like this. 

I guess I just thought it was cool that a card featured three different players when most cards did not. I still have this and a few more in my collection somewhere. I think there was one made for each team, but I could be wrong.

BTW, what do you guys think of the new layout here? 


  1. I also really liked pulling these cards as a kid in the mid-90s; you're right, they did have a card for every team and also two more featuring the Eastern and Western All-Star teams.

  2. I like your new layout. It looks really good!