Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jimmy Howard: Ultimate Rookies Auto

Since I've been actively collecting Jimmy Howard, I've only come across one pickup that I would consider a real steal, and that was the Black Diamond 1/1 that only set me back $40. Well, I think I found myself another so-called steal thanks to the wonderful world of ebay.

Check it out:

It's an Ultimate Rookies auto from 2005-06 UD Ultimate Collection numbered 143/399. Why do I consider this to be another steal? I won the auction for $13 plus $2 for shipping. Maybe that doesn't seem like all that much, until I look at the BIN prices. I found three that were BIN for $79.99 and another at $50. I'd say $15 delivered was a pretty good deal.

Another plus with this one is that it's hard-signed like the last one I picked up, and unlike the GoalieGraph from ITG and the Certified Mirror Gold from Panini. I guess I just like knowing that Jimmy actually handled this card and not just a sheet of stickers.

Now, my next question is whether or not I should consider this to be an actual RC as far as organizing my PC. Right now I've got it broken up into Rookies, Base, Inserts / Parallels, and Autos / Memorabilia. I think this card is an official rookie card, but I would lean toward putting it with the Auto / Memorabilia stack I have going.

Any thoughts?