Monday, June 27, 2011

Jimmy Howard: Card Show Pickups Part I

As you have probably read in my last two posts, I made it out to the Gibraltar Trade Center for another card show this past weekend. While I was there, I managed to add 12 new pieces to my growing Jimmy Howard collection.

The first purchase I made brought me these four for only $10.

The first is from 2006-07 Between The Pipes, depicting Jimmy in his first pro season with the Grand Rapids Griffins. He's even still got his Maine mask in the picture on this one. 

The second was this 20th Anniversary parallel from 2010-11 Upper Deck. I love these cards as they use the exact same design as was used 20 years ago. It's kind of neat for me because I remember these being very prevalent in my collection when I was first collecting as a kid in the mid-90's. 

This next one is kind of bittersweet. Once I knew Howard was going to be part of the Pinnacle base set this year, I was looking forward to what kind of picture they would use on the card, and then I saw it. 

This is the exact same picture as the UD Series 2 picture, which I believe came out first. Now I know I can't really complain about it, but how hard is it for Panini to use a different picture than UD? 

So at this point, that's two base cards and one base card parallel. Doesn't really add up to spending $10 does it? Well, the last of these four makes up for that.

It's a hard to find black parallel from 2009-10 Victory. I'm not sure of the exact print run of these, but I've only seen one on ebay, so I'm definitely glad I was able to knock this one off the want list. 

So, that's the first of four purchases. Stay tuned for the rest...


  1. Victory black print run....

    I would say you got yourself a good deal for sure!

  2. nice additions. Those black cards are tough.