Monday, April 18, 2011

My Picks # 57: Mark Messier

This pick is yet another card that caught my attention just because of the photography and not necessarily the design. This Mark Messier is from 2001-02 Topps Stadium club and features a great action shot.

The first thing I notice about the photo on this card is the camera angle, as it's got a kind of panoramic look to it. It's one that isn't used on the front of cards all the time, although I think it should be.

It's really neat to kind of see the play develop on a card like this, when most cards simply feature closeups of single players. In this picture, I can see half the ice and at least eight different players.

Now that's an action shot.

The design almost takes away from the photo a little on this card, but I guess you're not always going to get the best of both worlds with base cards like this.

Despite that, it's beginning to look like this particular set has some of the better photography from that time period. Just take a look at this Scott Gomez I featured as my 51st pick back in December. 


  1. Yup I really like the set...that Gomez one is better than the Messier IMO

    Nice post

  2. Great photo, great card.

    Makes me want to take a closer look at that set.

    Nice stuff.

  3. great set. i've been trying to complete the set of master photo parallels numbered out of 100. very close. i on ly need the selanne.

    the messier master photo doesn't have the foiling but does have master photo stamped on the front.