Sunday, April 10, 2011

Awesome Jersey Find

I try to keep my non-card related posts to a minimum, but this was just something I had to share. Yesterday, I was at Perani's Hockey World looking for some roller hockey pants when I came across a rack of older replica jerseys and I just could't pass on one marked 50% off.

I've got a decent replica jersey collection, consisting of somewhere around 20-25 at this point. Most of them are Wings jerseys, but I like to vary things a bit, so I try to get other teams jerseys too.

There are a few jerseys I've always wanted, and this one was near the top of the list. As you can see by the picture, it's a Dallas Stars replica third jersey from the pre-Reebok era when jerseys were actually cool.

I love this jersey because they tried something different and unique, something you just don't see much of with jerseys today. I really like the color scheme too, it just works. The logo is great too.

Here's a picture of this baby in action from a few years ago:

A lot of people consider this to be one of the worst jerseys ever, but I really like it for some reason. Same goes for the Islanders fisherman jerseys, the Bruins bear head third, and the Coyotes desert-scene third. I hope to someday have all of these jerseys in my collection. 

As far as my newest addition, right now it's blank on the back, but I'm thinking about having Mike Modano's name and number put on somewhere down the line. 

So, is anybody else into any of the "worst" jerseys ever like me? 


  1. Ouch. I remember those. The 'fallopian tubes' jersey.

    That said, the Canucks weren't much better with their 'half red, half black' alternate from the mid-90's.

    Nasty stuff, but still the jersey of choice for me to wear.

  2. lol... the "fallopian tubes" jersey... i love it.

    yeah... that jersey is pretty bad... but i hear what you're saying. i can't think of any example in hockey... but i'm a huge fan of those bright jerseys the Houston Astros wore in the late 70's/early 80's... and one of my favorite jerseys of all-time is the 1984 San Diego Padres Yellow/Brown/Orange/White jerseys that a lot of people find ugly.

  3. Wow. I forgot about this one. Sorry, but every Dallas jersey ever is just a poor man's Minnesota North Stars jersey.

    I have an Islanders "fishsticks" jersey. Found it on clearance in 1998 for $45, couldn't pass it up. Couldn't afford $45 either--I was in college at the time--so the store let me put it on layaway.

  4. Nothing of those mentioned here compares with the LA Kings with the "Burger King" head logo on it, that's outrageous.

    By the way "Fallopian Tubes" oh man, that's hilarious, you made my day.......!!!!