Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SCE Super Script Update

My latest ebay win just arrived and brought me another addition to my Super Script collection. This will be the fifth one so far in 2011, making for a pretty darn good start to the year for this set. Hopefully, I can keep up this pace throughout the year.

The latest addition is this Petr Svoboda numbered 01/25. It's the first one I've gotten that is the first of it's print run.

This one brings the set total to 19 and it brings another team to the collection in Tampa Bay. Svoboda is the greatest player in the world, but that doesn't really matter in set collecting, I'm just glad to cross his name off of my list.

Luckily, I got this one for just $1.99, which kind of makes up for having to pay $26 for the Boucher. Split the difference and that's about $14 each, not far off from the average I've paid for one lately.

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