Monday, March 14, 2011

Silver Script Update

The last time I did an update on my Silver Script project was back in January when I picked up ten of them in a trade with Chris over at Confessions of a Hockey Card Addict. Since then, I haven't come across any more Silver Scripts until now.

This particular Silver Script update is a bit different than the rest, as it only happened out of the generosity of another collector. A few days back I received an email from someone saying they had a bunch of Silver Scripts from my want list and I could have them for nothing more than the cost of postage.

When the package arrived the other day, I pulled out two team bags filled with Silver Scripts, pretty much all of which I needed for my set. Here's a look at what I got.

Of the 53 Silver Scripts in the package, I needed 45 of them for my set. I already had 56, so I pretty much doubled my Silver Script collection for just a few bucks. The total now stands at 101, which puts me at nearly 50% of the way there. 

A huge thanks again to the person who made this update possible.


  1. Wow! Great stuff! That's going to be a cool looking set once it's done.

    Still trying to finalize a deal with someone to land some more (of all types) for you.

  2. Hey, look at all my cards! LOL.
    I logged onto your blog, and it was nice to see a little update . It was totally my pleasure, its awesome to see them be part of a set rather then just sitting in a shoebox .
    Ive actually found even MORE for you, so you will be receiving another email from me shortly, same dealio as before.
    I loved MVP as a youngin so I keep finding cards everywhere LOL. Will keep you updated.
    If you could keep an eye out for Famous Fabrics CITYSCAPES Quad jersey cards /9, thats all I ask. Another eye out there looking for them could be helpful. All the best!

  3. Sounds great Mark, can't wait to hear from you. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the Cityscapes Quad Jerseys for you.