Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hockey Cards from Hockeytown

I was lucky enough to get four tickets to the Wings vs Hawks game the other night from work. The seats were great, except for the VS camera guy obstructing our view the entire game.

The game itself, wasn't so great, as the officiating was questionable at best and to top it off the Wings lost in overtime. Of course Hossa had to the the one to score the goal too.

Enough of that, onto the reason for this post: free hockey cards. After passing through the metal detectors at the entrance, there were people handing out a special edition Original Six nine-card set.

Here's what the cards look like:

As you can see, most of the cards are based on the 2010-11 Upper Deck base set design. The Esposito is probably my favorite because of the old school goalie equipment.

The cards were all printed on a single perforated sheet, so I had to tear them apart and stick them in my pocket during the game, but they made it through alright without much damage.

Anyone else get any free cards from going to a game like this?


  1. Please tell me you got an extra sheet of these for trade....

  2. I hate to say it, but I didn't and I wish I had.