Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jimmy Howard: Recent Pickups

It's been forever since I picked up any cards for my Jimmy Howard collection. One of the things I wanted to do at the last card show was add some singles. I only found a few that weren't over priced, as it was a local show and Red Wings cards are always overpriced.

This first one actually came from the 2007-08 Between the Pipes box I bought the second day of the show, but it is still another one I didn't already have. It's got a great shot of Jimmy playing with the Grand Rapids Griffins.

The second one I found in a $0.50 box and had to have it. I really like the mask he had back then, with the octopus on either side and the old school D on the front. 

These next three came from the bay. The first is a 2010-11 Limited Spotlight numbered 38/49. It's another one of those Panini parallels that look nearly identical to the base set. I do like that they have a shot of his Doc Oc mask though, it's the first card I've seen with it. 

The next two are from Certified. They're the exact same card, but the sticker on the second one shot the price up by $20. The non-auto is numbered 07/25 and the auto is numbered 11/25. They definitely look a lot better in person than in the scans below. 

Earlier, I mentioned that I completed a trade with Chris over at Confessions of a Hockey Card Addict for some Silver Scripts. In addition to the ten Silver Scripts, Chris was kind enough to throw in three Howard base cards from 2010-11: Artifacts, OPC, and Score. 

So that's eight new cards for the collection. I've got a ways to go with Jimmy, but I think I have a good start. Now I need to work on tracking down all of the ridiculous parallels from Certified, some of which I've yet to even see at all. Ah, the joys of player collecting...


  1. Excellent pickups! I really like Howard's signature. It's got a bit of flare to it.

    His mask is one of my faves as well.

  2. I got that mask card signed by Jimmy Howard. It is a really sick card and he has a sweet sig. check it out at