Sunday, December 26, 2010

Box Break: 2010-11 UD Series 1 Blaster Box

This is the blaster box of 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1 that I was referring to in my last post. As far as Christmas goes, I love getting hockey cards as gifts, because I don't have to be upset if I don't get a hit as I didn't actually pay for it.

There were plenty of great looking base cards in this box, but this Curtis Glencross stood out. It features an awesome non-action shot of him entering the rink. Photography is one thing you can always count on being good from this set.

Retro Parallels:
This Daniel Briere was the only retro parallel I got. I really like these cards, as they look and feel exactly like the originals from twenty years ago. They're even printed on thin, non-glossy card stock. Now I just need to find the Howard version.

EA Sports Superstars:
I'm not sure what the point of this EA Superstars insert set was, but they actually don't look all that bad on the front. I really like the background and the different textures. This Mikko Koivu was the only one I got. 

All-World Team:
This All-World Team card is from another one of those low-end insert sets, but at least I got one of the best possible players in the set. The design is ok, I actually like the font used on the All-World text and the gold & black color combo. 

Hockey Heroes:
This one is the sixth card in this year's Hockey Heroes set featuring Steve Yzerman. It looks the same as previous sets with the large encircled player image and the Hockey Heroes logo in the bottom right corner. Definitely a keeper for my Wings collection.

Young Guns:
I was happy to get one of the prized Young Guns, although it's not one of the higher end rookies from this year (i.e. Hall, Subban, etc.), but that's ok with me. At first I wasn't a fan of the design for this year, but now that I have one it's beginning to grow on me. 

Last but not least is a checklist. Any time I get a checklist card, I like to show them off just to see what kind of designs are used. This time I got the Young Guns checklist, which is basically a horizontal version of the regular young guns. 

All in all, this was a pretty good break. I got a Young Gun, some inserts, and a bunch of really cool looking base cards. Not bad for something I didn't pay anything for. 


  1. You did pretty good, especially with the Ovie All World Team (since that is one of the short-printed cards from that set) and the YG checklist. I would be interested in both cards if you would be willing to part with it them a trade. I will take a look at my MVP inserts as I think I may have a few of the MVP Stanley Cup Edition Silver Scripts I would be willing to part with. Cheers...Chris

  2. As a quick follow-up, I have 10 of the SS from the set which you do not have on your list.

  3. I'd be down for a trade, which ten do you have?

  4. too bad you got a checklist in place of the other young gun....

    still, it's needed if you're a set collector like I am, but it shouldn't be an SP