Friday, October 29, 2010

Wingin' It

This post strays a bit from the usual focus on hockey cards, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I was lucky enough to get free tickets from work to two Wings games, Thursday 10/21 versus the Flames and Thursday 10/28 versus the Coyotes.

Looking at these two tickets got me thinking about ticket designs and how they relate to card designs. I've seen some good looking ticket designs and I've seen some pretty bad ones.

This year, the Wings are going with the No Limits theme. I really like the incorporation of the highway sign as well as the Michigan and Windsor maps as backgrounds.

I've seen some people like to collect ticket stubs, I kind of collect them just by holding on to all of them.

Do you save your game tickets? Do you collect tickets from games you weren't at? Have any cool looking ticket designs? Any bad ones? I've only been to Red Wings games so I'm curious to see what's out there as far as other teams and their ticket designs.

In case anyone was wondering what the view from section 207, row 11 at the Joe looks like, here are a couple pictures from the Coyotes game: one from before warm ups and another during the 2nd period.

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