Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Box Break: 1999-00 UD MVP Stanley Cup Edition

This would be the other birthday gift box I was referring to earlier. Since I've started going after the Super, Gold, and Silver Script parallels from this set, I've wanted to bust a box of it.

I got this one for myself for $45 delivered from ebay, including $15 for shipping. Not too bad considering these boxes are pretty much impossible to track down at the local card shows around here. 

I love the wrappers from this box. Being a Wings fan, it's nice to see they chose Yzerman to be the player featured. Too bad they didn't use a shot from the 1997 championship, but this one works. 

The Numbers:
Packs: 36
Cards per Pack: 10
Base Set Completion: 100%
Duplicates: 104

The one thing I really wanted to accomplish with this box was a complete base set and I got just that, and then some with over 100 duplicates. That's not necessarily bad though, as I've got plans for these duplicates with an upcoming project idea. 

Base: 193
I don't know what it is about this base design, but it's one of my absolute favorites. I like the white borders and the netting effect on the bottom. The bronze foil adds a nice touch and I really like the addition of the Stanley Cup Edition text under the MVP logo. 

CHL Subset: 25
There was also this subset of cards featuring prospects from the CHL, including the likes of Pavel Brendl, Milan Kraft and the Sedin brothers on the only two SHL cards in the subset. Same design as the base set, with the exception being CHL prospects in place of the players last name in bronze foil at the bottom. 

Checklists: 2
These cards are always forgotten and I thought I would show one of them off for a change. The blue background featuring Lord Stanley's Cup looks great with the bronze foil and white text. 

Stanley Cup Talent: 8
This insert set had a great selection of stars including Bure, Fedorov, Jagr and others. I like the silver foil border and MVP logo in the corner. I also like the half image of the Stanley Cup and the fading to team colors towards the bottom of the cards. 

Cup Contenders: 4
These cards make use of team colors and a lot of silver foil in the background and text elements. I question some of the player choices as "Cup Contenders" though, like Patrik Stefan and David Legwand. 

Golden Memories: 3
These cards focus on past playoff highlights. At least they changed it up a little with these and threw in some gold foil for a change. They also have a pretty weird looking font on the player's last name and for the "Golden Memories" circular text. 

Clutch Performers: 1
These ones are a bit different from the rest and they're actually pretty nice looking in my mind. I like the use of the double image and the combination of gold foil and black for the border. Not sure about the white tick marks on the edges though. 

Second Season Snipers: 1
Like the Clutch Performers, these are printed on a rainbow foil card stock and actually look pretty good. The background is a little random, but "snipers" text is just downright cool looking. 

Playoff Heroes: 1
These are also printed on the rainbow foil card stock and also look pretty good overall. I like how part of the main image is repeated across the center of the card and the fading to team colors in the lower left hand corner. The font on "heroes" is pretty cool too. 

There are a few other inserts I didn't pull from this particular box including the ProSign autos and the game used souvenir cards, which actually had pieces of game used puck and that's something I wish there was more of now as I think it's different and a really cool idea. 

All in all, this was a very enjoyable break. I got some more cards for my Silver Script set, which I will discuss in a later post, and I got the completed base set I was looking for. 


  1. Not to be hatin', but why would you get a box of these for $45? I think I bought a complete set for $7 or $10. I guess if you want the chase/inserts, that would make sense to buy a box. Still seems kind of pricey.

  2. Yeah I know it was a little pricey, but it was the only unopened box I could find from a legitimate website.

    I've also seen the entire base set that cheap, but there's a higher level of satisfaction from completing the set from a box than there would be from just buying it.

    Plus, it's the only set I'm currently going after and by set I mean master set, parallels and inserts included, plus it's always fun to break older boxes from the 90's and early 00's.