Sunday, October 17, 2010

MVP Stanley Cup Edition Update

Between my last box break and all of the inserts I already have from previous pack and box breaks, I want to pursue the rest of the inserts and go for a legitimate master set. I believe I have a decent start to most of the insert sets like Cup Contenders and Stanley Cup Talent. The others however, like ProSign and Game Used Souvenirs, not so much.

Now that I've decided to go for a legitimate master set, I thought I would lump all of the various inserts, besides all of the script parallels, into a single label on the blog.

There are:
10 Clutch Performers
10 Cup Contenders
10 Golden Memories
18 Game Used Souvenirs
15 Great Combinations
7 Great Combinations Autographs
10 Playoff Heroes
24 ProSign Autographs
12 Second Season Snipers
20 Stanley Cup Talent
3 Super Souvenirs
2 500 Goal Club

In addition to:
220 Base
220 Silver Script
220 Gold Script
220 Super Script

Altogether, if my math is correct, that brings the total to 1021 cards for the complete master set. If you know of any inserts from this set that I've missed with this list, let me know as I would like the list to be as accurate as possible.


  1. Now had I'd known.....I would have tossed in some inserts as well. :)

    I'll keep an eye out for other scripts and let you know what I find. I'll hang on to the inserts as well as we can figure something out later.

    Cheers and best of luck with the project. Should be a doozie!

  2. Guess it was just bad timing on that one, let me know what you have as far as inserts and I'll see what I need.

    The way I see it is this project will be ongoing for years to come and I'm perfectly fine with that. After all, it's not a race to the finish line.