Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silver Script Update

I was going through some of my 5000 count boxes today and came across two more Silver Scripts that have been just sitting around forever now. One was Joe Sakic and the other was Mark Messier.

These two bring the Silver Scrip collection to 18. These should be the last of the ones I have hidden here or there, as 18 would pretty much account for the one box I busted when this stuff came out. 

There's something up with the Sakic though, as well as a few other cards in the set I've noticed. Notice for the team name it says Colorado rather than Avalanche, like the Messier does with Canucks. 

Is there some oddball trademark rule with certain teams or something like that? There are a few other teams with the same thing, including Phoenix, Nashville, and Carolina. Maybe it's nothing, but I still find it interesting and odd. 

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