Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thoughts: Set Collecting

I've never really collected any sets in particular, I usually happend to just accumulate them through mutiple box breaks of certain products. The only exceptions would be my recently started MVP Super Script and Gold Script parallel sets.

I was on SCF the other day and one person's signature listed the status of their master set. That got me thinking about my MVP collection and possibly collecting the entire base set with parallels.

I know for it to be a master set, I would need all of the inserts and what not, but I'm leaning towards the 220 card base set and all three parallels: Silver Script, Gold Script and Super Script.

I've thought about pursuing the Silver Scripts in the past, which are not numbered, because I have plenty of them from past box and pack breaks. They're the most common and ususally pretty cheap.

With the Super Scripts and Gold Scripts alone, I'm trying for 440 cards numbered to 100 or less. The base and Silver Scripts would add another 440 non-numbered cards brining the total to 880.

I don't think the base set iteslf is an issue, I probably have the it finished off and then some already, it just needs to be organized. That leaves me with approximately 600 cards left to track down.

I should have plenty more time and money to invest in collecting when I finish college later this year, so I think I may stick with this one 'master' set collection to compliment my one player collection.

Maybe I'm aiming too high at this point, but the way I see it is pursuing a set like this will be a very, very long process, and that's fine with me because I will always have something to look for.

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