Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pack Break: 2009-10 MVP

in addition to the one pack of OPC, I opted for another pack of 2009-10 MVP as I have only bought one or two thus far and I couldn't pass on the $1.59 price tag, plus its a pretty nice looking set.

Here's one of the base cards:

This MVP design is much better than previous years, the last few were pretty generic and always the same. I really like the addition of the fascimile signatures on the base cards and the icicle looking design on the bottom of the card. The rest of the base cards were as follows: 

Todd White (ATL)
Andrew Cogliano (EDM)
Derick Brassard (CBJ)
Andy McDonald (STL)
Jason Blake (TOR)
Jarkko Ruutu (OTT)

Now for the one insert:

Not the greatest insert in the world, but it's a pretty neat idea. The set consists of 20 cards total, nine players from each team (Boston & Philly) and one card for the city of Boston and one for Wrigley Field. Never thought I would see a baseball stadium on a hockey card. 

The only thing I did not like about this pack was the fact that all eight cards were slightly dented on the bottom left corner. It's fairly noticeable on the scan of the Savard with the green background.

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