Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garage Sale Pickup Breakdown: Football & Basketball

The biggest find from the garage sale box was a football card. It was one of the older looking cards in the nice snap-down cases.  I think this John Elway Topps rookie card would be considered the "hidden treasure" of this lot.

Here is the rest of the football broken down by set:
(60) 1996 Fleer Goudey
(1) 1995 UD Collector's Choice
(8) 1994 Action Packed
(41) 1994 Roger Staubach's NFL Football
(2) 1994 Upper Deck
(2) 1994 Skybox
(1) 1994 Topps Finest
(12) 1993 NFL Gameday
(3) 1993 Classic Images
(1) 1993 Pinnacle
(1) 1993 Topps
(2) 1991 Pacific
(3) 1990 NFL Pro Set
(2) 1990 Topps
(2) 1984 Topps

After football, basketball was the lowest on my priority list. The best card I could find with this one of Magic Johnson from 1987-88 Fleer Stickers

Here is the rest of the basketball broken down by set:
(1) 1995-96 Skybox
(17) 1993-94 Upper Deck
(3) 1993 Classic Images
(1) 1993 NBA Hoops
(12) 1992-93 Topps
(1) 1992-93 Upper Deck
(1) 1992-93 Fleer
(4) 1991-92 Upper Deck
(1) 1991-92 Star Pics
(1) 1990-91 NBA Hoops
(38) 1987-88 Fleer
(2) Limited Edition Commemorative Cards

All in all, I came away with just under 2000 sports cards for only $3, not bad at all. There are some cards that may be worth some money (i.e. Elway, Bonds, etc.) so that's kind of cool. Aside from the hockey cards, I really have no use for any of the other three sports as I do not want or need to get into anything more than hockey at this point. 

If anyone is interested in any of these cards or wants details on which cards are part of each set, leave me a comment and I can get you the information and scans if necessary. 

Up next: non-sports breakdown...


  1. if Mr Elway is ever in need of a home.....

  2. Fantastic find with the Elway RC.

    Fun stuff.

  3. you'd better go buy some lottery tickets... you're one lucky man!