Thursday, June 17, 2010

Box Break: 1993-94 Upper Deck Series 2

I finally got around to opening the 1993-94 Upper Deck Series 2 box from my earlier garage sale pickup. For all intents and purposes this box was free as the guy threw it in just to get rid of it. Can't beat that, now let's take a look at what was inside.

The Numbers:
Cost: $0
Packs: 36
Cards per Pack: 12
Total Cards: 432

Base: 323
The base cards are actually pretty decent for the mid-nineties. They have the obligatory Upper Deck logo in the corner and the team and player names across the bottom. I do like the use of the team colors for the border too, it gives the set a little variety.

SP: 36
In every pack was one of these SP's. They're pretty simple with the team name in silver foil across the top and the player name in the bottom left. The off-center silver line is interesting and its nice to see the SP logo rather than the UD logo in the bottom right. 

1994 World Junior Championships: 62
These fell about two per pack. They showcase US and Canadian World Junior players from the 1994 tournament. It's a simple design with the year and tournament name in gold foil on the left and the player name in the lower right. Some NHLers, a lot of no-namers. 

All World Juniors: 10
These showcase players from the 1994 World Junior Championships as well on teams other than the US and Canada. Another simple design with the year and set name in gold foil and the player and team across the bottom. Again, a few NHLers and a lot of no-namers. 

Silver Skates: 1
This was the big insert set of this release with stated odds of 1:30 packs. I only got this one featuring Joe Sakic, but its still a pretty nice looking set. I like the die-cut top and the silver skates logo in the bottom right corner.  

Overall this was a good break, granted there was little variety. It was worth it just for the nostalgia factor as these were from the time around when I just got into hockey cards.


  1. Hi, quick question, are there just series 2 cards in the packs or is it a mix of 1 & 2 like in the 1992-93 series 2 boxes?

    1. I believe it is just series 2 cards. I seem to remember them all being in the higher numbers.