Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TTM Success: Olaf Kolzig

This was my first new TTM attempt and I must say it worked rather well. I dug through my boxes of duplicates and found these two worthy candidates for Olaf Kolzig. The two cards I sent were from 1997-98 Score and 1990-91 Score, both featuring Kolzig with the Capitals.

Sent: 04/01/2010
Received: 04/09/2010

These two signatures are great looking, no smudges or anything. More importantly, they are the first two autographed cards as part of my TTM project. I want to try and get an autographed card to go with all of the different masks a goaltender has worn.

I know a lot of goalies have had many masks so this is a big undertaking, but that will make it fun. I don't want to send more than three cards at a time so this could take a while.

Address courtesy of Moody over at Moody's TTM Blog.

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