Sunday, April 25, 2010

TTM Success: Brendan Shanahan

Wow, its amazing how relaxing four days of vacation in northern Michigan can be. Anyway on to today's post, which focuses on another of my past TTM successes: Brendan Shanahan. I sent two cards and received two autographs in the mail several years ago. One was on a 2001-02 Topps and the other on a 2001-02 UD Playmakers Limited. 

Shanahan has an interesting signature to say the least, although I do like how much of the card it takes up and the addition of his number after it. 

These two cards were sent separately at different times to Shanahan c/o The Detroit Red Wings at the Joe Louis Arena address. Also, I have no idea how long either of these cards took to get back to me. I would guess at least a few months.

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