Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Picks # 15: Martin Erat

This pick is a 2002-03 Pacific Game Jersey Martin Erat. The reason I chose this as one of my picks is the jersey swatch used in this card. Nashville is one of the very few teams to use the silver metallic jersey material in the NHL and I thought it was cool to pull a jersey card with this particular type of swatch in it.

Aside from the silver swatch, this particular set is actually a pretty sharp looking one at that. I like how all four corners of the card converge right to the centered swatch.

The white background works well with this design, especially with the black lines and gold foil trim. Another nice touch was the team colors filling in the background of the areas above and below the swatch.

The Pacific logo is small and nicely placed in the upper left hand corner, although just barely missing Erat's head. The standard "authentic" logo and team logos are also nicely placed on either side of the swatch against the white background.

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