Monday, March 8, 2010

My Picks # 10: Hasek/Joseph/Legace/Lamothe

This pick comes from the 2003-04 BAP Memorabilia Deep in the Crease set. It features both the current goaltenders and future goaltenders for the Red Wings.

This one features: Dominik Hasek, Curtis Joseph, Manny Legace and Marc Lamothe. Not a bad group if you ask me. As far as the masks go, I would have to say Joseph's is the best, followed by Hasek and Lamothe, and finally Legace.

Anyway, the idea behind this set is unique in having so many goaltenders featured on the same card. It has a nice headshot of each of them, emphasizing them from left to right. The names are nicely placed vertically, not taking away too much from the images. 

There is no team logo on this one, only the BAP logo in the top right corner, which also is not too overbearing. The "Deep in the Crease" text is nicely placed at the top, but would have worked a little better in another color besides red, with the red background and all.

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