Friday, December 11, 2009

Super Script Quest

In my last post I mentioned that my favorite set was the 1999-00 MVP SC Edition Super Script parallels. Here is a link to the checklist. The four I have right now are the following:

#22 Dominik Hasek (19/25)
#36 Ron Francis (05/25)
#46 Alexei Zhamnov (23/25)
#147 Alexei Kovalev (07/25)

The Hasek and Kovalev were lucky pulls on my part. The other two I picked up as a pair on eBay for about $5. Like I said earlier, these are nearly impossible to track down. There are 220 total in the set, so I definitely have a long way to go, only 98.2% to go.

Super Script Total: 4/220

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