Sunday, August 27, 2017

Masks: Pacific Dynagon Ice (Part II)

Time for part two of the Dynagon Ice Goalie Masks set I bought on eBay recently. This is an awesome looking set that highlights some of the cooler masks from the late 90's and early 00's. In addition to the Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur cards I showed in my last post, there are more for John Vanbiesbrouck, Curtis Joseph and Mike Richter.

My favorite of the remaining cards in the set is this one featuring Vanbiesbrouck's mask from the Philadelphia Flyers. The mask itself is already a bit unique with the style cage he was using back then. Not many goalies wore these if I remember correctly. On top of that, the paint job is amazing and I love this adaption of the Flyers logo.

Here is the second Vanbiesbrouck card, which actually shows a completely different mask if you look at the details. This one has the main logo in black and the cage is also a different color now. He might have had one for home games and one for away games.

Up next is one that everyone should recognize and that would be Curtis Joseph's Toronto Maple Leafs mask. Before he came to Detroit, this was my favorite mask of his. It has the iconic Cujo design and always looked great in photos and on cards.

The other Cujo card has a great look at the side of the mask. After doing some searching online I found that of the several different designs he used in Toronto, this is my favorite.

Last but not least is another great 90's mask from Mike Richter of the New York Rangers. When I was a kid back then I remember thinking that he had one of the cooler looking masks at the time. At one point I even bought a bunch of Richter cards just for that reason. 

The second Richter card has a great look at the side of the mask, but some of it is covered up by the long white strap running along the bottom of the Rangers text. That's too bad because it kind of ruins what would be an excellent shot of this mask.

So this is my new favorite mask themed set at the moment. I love how these cards look in person and now I just need a good way to store them. They are too thick for the standard top loaders that currently have, so they are just sitting in penny sleeves at the moment. I'll have to get myself some of the thicker top loaders to hold these beauties.


  1. Man... there were so many great goaltenders in the 90's. I didn't become a fan of hockey until the early 90's... but from my limited time watching the game... I can't remember a better era for goaltending.

    1. Couldn't agree more! I really got into hockey around 1996, so I grew up watching all these guys on tv.

  2. Richter had a great mask! A passing thought, those NYR alternate jerseys featuring the Statue of Liberty from back in the late 90s were deadly!

    1. Those jerseys were sweet! I used to have one of the blue ones when I was younger.