Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Masks: Card Show Pickups

Mask cards are some of my favorites and I am always on the lookout for them at card shows. This time around, I was able to come up with six, all from one seller. They were in the $2 box, but I got them all together for $10, so not too bad of a deal if you ask me.

The first three come from the 1993-94 Pinnacle Masks set. These are one of the better looking Pinnacle Mask designs in my opinion. I like how they kept the background relatively simple so the mask design can be the center of attention. 

The first on features Grant Fuhr's mask from his time with Buffalo. I'm not very familiar with this mask, but it does look pretty sweet. Its got the Sabres logo front and center and Furh's name on the chin. The actual buffalo on the side is pretty cool too.

Then there was this one featuring Wendell Young's Tampa Bay Lightning mask. This one is a bit simpler, but you can definitely tell which team its for. The lightning bolts on the top are cool and there is just a little blue to bring it all together.

Another Lightning mask, this time from Pat Jablonski. This one is similar to Young's design and even has the actual team logo front and center. I like the look of this one although you can't see any of the side detail in this picture of it.

Up next are the first three cards I've gotten for "The Mask" set from 2001-02 BAP Between the Pipes. These cards look much better in person than they do in these scans. The background is a little more distracting that the older Pinnacle set, but still looks pretty cool.

The first one features Ron Tugnutt's mask from Columbus. Tugnutt had a lot of masks with this splash theme. Click here to see my previous post about his masks. I love the look of Stinger the mascot on the top of the mask. It really pops with the electric green color.

The next one features Miikka Kiprusoff's mask from San Jose. Sometimes I forget that Kiprusoff started out in San Jose. This mask is pretty neat with his nickname on the chin and the sharks fin logo on the top. The splash effect around the cage is pretty cool too.

Finally we have Steve Shields' mask from the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. This mask design is great and the purple really helps it stand out from the background of the card. The terminator looking duck is awesome if you ask me, especially with all those teeth.

These six are a nice addition to my growing Mask card collection. I now have 30 different cards all together. As much as I like the newer designs from BAP and ITG, the original Pinnacle sets are still my favorites. It would be nice if someone brought these back today instead of the Masked Men sets that are out there. For whatever reason, these just seem cooler when the mask is by itself.


  1. Whoa, Jablonski! Those are some very cool mask cards!

  2. Pinnacle Masks have always been one of the my favorite hockey insert sets from the 90's. Gonna need to see if I have the Kiprusoff in my Sharks PC.