Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pack Breaks: $7.99 Value Box from Target

I was out at Target this afternoon doing some Christmas shopping and as usual made a quick trip down the card aisle at the front of the store. Nothing really stood out to me until I found a new kind of value pack, at least one that I haven't gotten before. 

It's got four packs plus 50 cards. Maybe not the best deal for $8 knowing I got at least the one OPC pack and a pack of Upper Deck Series One that I could see through the other side. The part I was interested in was the 50 mystery cards. I know it's probably all junk, but you never know and that's kind of neat. 

There were five or so of these things on the shelf, but for $8 I figured one was probably enough. The other two packs ended up being Adrenalyn and another UD Series One. I will be busting these here shortly, so look for the results here in the coming days.

Any of you guys get one of these before? I mean specifically this setup, the four packs plus 50 cards? And what do you think in general of these things? I like them if the price is right, but it's usually you're going to get a lot of junk, so they can really go either way.


  1. I've never seen this type of value box before but if I did I would probably pick it up out of curiosity. I myself, pick these repack boxes up from time to time as they deliver an assortment of cards - as you wrote, mostly junk, but always fun to shuffle through. And eh, sometimes you're able to pull a few cards that you need for a set.

  2. I get suckered into the $19.99 ones all the time. That's why I have 18 Sergei Samsonov jersey cards.