Sunday, July 1, 2012

Card Show Haul: Gibraltar Trade Center 7/1/12

Before I start showing off all the cool stuff I picked up at the monthly Gibraltar show this weekend, I thought I would do a quick recap/preview of everything. I should say that it's not the most impressive haul you've ever seen, but it was great for me as I was able to knock a few off the want lists and grab some nice pieces for a few of my side projects.

Here's a rundown of how I spent $30 at the show:

Parking / Entrance Fee = $2.00
1 Serial Numbered Single for the Wings PC = $1.50
4 MVP Gold Scripts + 1 Captured on Cardboard + 1 Goaltending Gallimaufry = $1.50
5 Captured on Cardboard + 5 Random Cards = $2.00
3 Goaltending Gallimaufry + 1 Captured on Cardboard + 2 Random Gold Scripts = $5.00
2 MVP SC Edition + 1 Metal Universe + 5 Random Cool Cards = $2.00
3 Goaltending Gallimaufry + 7 Random Cards = $1.00
1 Unopened Box = $15.00

See what I mean, nothing all that exciting, but that's perfectly fine by me. I would rather go into a show and spend just a few bucks like this on cards that I actually need and want for my PC projects, than go in an drop hundreds on boxes that yield nothing but crap.

Stay tuned to the blog in the coming days and weeks to see more about these pickups.

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