Monday, June 18, 2012

Pack Break: 1991-92 Pro Set

Time to get back into the swing of things with another pack break post. This will be the third of the twelve packs that came from the extreme value box from Target. This time we have another pack of Pro Set to go along with the last break I posted. 

This is another one of those sets I remember having hundreds of, if not thousands, when I was a kid. Back then Pro Set was one of the few options available unlike the surplus of products we have each and every year in today's world.

Since Windows sorted everything in my scans folder by name, the cards below are listed in alphabetical order by the players last name, which is how I label the scans for most of my pack breaks. The first was this one of Brian Benning with the Los Angeles Kings.

Next we have Dave Brown of the Philadelphia Flyers. Dave started with the Flyers with two games in 1982-83 and went on to play ten seasons there, with a few seasons in Edmonton thrown in there. He finished his career with the Sharks in 1995-96.

Then there was Mike Craig of the Minnesota North Stars. Craig played three seasons with the North Stars from 1990-93. His last season in the NHL was two games with San Jose in 2001-02. After that he went onto play several seasons in the Austrian hockey league.

Time for the first rookie of the bunch, Louie DeBrusk of the Edmonton Oilers. DeBrusk appeared in 25 games for the Oilers during his rookie season in 1991-92. He went on to play over 400 games between Edmonton, Tampa, Phoenix and Chicago between 1992 and 2003.

Then we have former Montreal Canadien Todd Ewen. He was originally drafted by St. Louis and played four seasons there before suiting up for the Canadiens in 1989. He went on to play three more seasons in Montreal followed by three in Anaheim and one in San Jose.

Next we have one of the "Captain" cards featuring former Quebec Nordique Mike Hough. 1986-87 was Hough's rookie season with the Nordiques, after which he played six more seasons in Quebec followed by four seasons in Florida and two seasons on Long Island.

Then there was former Islander Uwe Krupp, who is probably best known for scoring the Cup clinching goal for the Colorado Avalanche in 1996. He only spent three seasons with New York before four with Quebec/Colorado, two in Detroit, and one with Atlanta.

Next we have former Philadelphia Flyer Jiri Latal. He spent most of his career in his native Czech Republic, but played four seasons across the pond in. One of those was with the Hershey Bears of the AHL and the other three were all with the Flyers.

Then there was Dave Manson of the Edmonton Oilers. Manson began his NHL career with the Blackhawks in 1986-87 before coming to the Oilers for the 1991-92 season. He would play there for three seasons before bouncing around the league through 2001-02.

The next one was this Colin Patterson picturing him with the Buffalo Sabres. This was one of only two teams he would play for during his NHL career, the other being the Calgary Flames. Eight seasons were with the Flames and two were with the Sabres.

This was the only oddball in the pack, a "Play Smart" card featuring Kelly Miller of the Washington Capitals. The back of the card has some quotes from Miller talking about how important things like friends and family are, as well as giving back to your community.

Then there was this one featuring former Vancouver Canuck Jim Sandlak, who I've never heard of before seeing this card. Sandlak played nine seasons between 1985 and 1996 with Vancouver as well as two seasons with the Hartford Whalers from 1992-94.

The next one was this one featuring Greg Smyth of the Quebec Nordiques. Smyth began his career with the Flyers back in 1986-87, playing in just one game. He went on to play nine more seasons between Philadelphia, Quebec, Calgary, Florida, Toronto, and Chicago.

Then there was this Tim Sweeney picturing him with the Calgary Flames. Sweeney began his NHL career with the Flames in 1990-91 playing in 42 games collecting 16 points. He would go on to play six more NHL seasons between Boston, Anaheim, and the New York Rangers.

Last but not least, we have this one featuring Ryan Walter of the Vancouver Canucks. Walter began his career with the Capitals in 1978-79 and played 15 seasons between Washington, Montreal, and Vancouver. Bet you didn't know he played the referee between the US and USSR in the movie "Miracle," at least he did according to Wikipedia.

That's it for this pack, and this time all of the cards were included as I didn't get anything worthy of one of my side projects. That said, off to the monster boxes these go, as there were no Red Wings for my PC either. I probably have this entire set at least once if not twice over, but I will probably never know because I'm too lazy to try and put something like that together with all the other projects I'm working on.

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